Diego Haupenthal at the FELINO Mixer Workshop

Last Sunday 12 May, from 10am to 2pm, chef Diego Haupenthal led an exclusive workshop focused on sweet doughs. This event unveiled the secrets of artisan baking and presented the colourful PM20 mixer from Felino SAA unique piece of equipment on the market.

During this workshop, chef Diego Haupenthal, recognised on both the national and international markets, presented advanced techniques for creating sweet doughs such as brioches, babkas, cinnamon rolls and hot dog buns. This was a unique opportunity to learn directly from a master, to perfect the techniques for kneading, fermenting and baking, while exploring various sweet fillings and bases that will take your confections to a new level of quality and flavour.

As well as gaining practical knowledge about baking, the participants had the opportunity to use the PM20 mixer from FELINO. This is a unique machine on the market that stands out for its solid cast iron construction that minimises vibrations and noise, guaranteeing a more pleasant and efficient working environment.

With its unique rounded shape, the PM20 makes the whole cleaning process easier, an invaluable benefit in any professional kitchen. Equipped with three stainless steel tools - paddle, pine cone and hook - and an adaptable speed variation system, this mixer is ideal for every type of recipe, ensuring consistent results in every production.

To find out more about the PM20 mixer, take a look at all the information here and get all the technical information on this equipment that will transform your manufacturing.

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