FELINO Mixers: Performance and Ergonomics for the Bakery Industry

The FELINO PM series mixers are equipment that transform your production into a high-performance unit. The 60-litre models make it possible to use reduced 40-litre sets (for both the bowl and tools), making them a solution that expands production capacity for professionals in the bakery and pastry industry.

The cast iron body construction guarantees the robustness of the machines while ensuring a significant reduction in vibrations and noise, providing a quieter working environment conducive to productivity. The rounded shape, unique on the global market, substantially facilitates cleaning procedures, while the raised base allows optimised access for maintenance operations.

The models are supplied with essential tools in high-quality stainless steel: paddle, pine cone, hook and scraper. The speed variation system allows professionals to precisely adjust the mixing intensity according to the specific needs of each recipe. In addition, the option of fitting wheels makes it easy to move the machines around the workplace.

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The PM60e model stands out for its advanced ergonomic design which, by incorporating an electric system for raising and lowering the bowl, eliminates the need to manually remove the bowl to change tools, for greater optimisation of workflow and a reduction in physical effort for professionals, preventing injuries and fatigue.

The PM60 and PM60e models have been developed with an oil-free planetarium, which guarantees safer, more hygienic operation and minimises the risk of food contamination.

In Felino SAAs part of our commitment to the bakery industry, we are committed to providing high-tech solutions and improved ergonomics for the bakery industry. Whether for manual or automated operations, the PM60 and PM60e offer exceptional performance, reliability and ease of use, allowing professionals to focus on what really matters: creating top quality bakery and pastry products, and thus meeting the needs of their most demanding customers.

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