FELINO Technical Assistance: Excellence in Maintenance from the North to the South of Portugal

In Felino SAAs part of our team, we understand that proximity and efficiency are vital to our customers' continued success. That's why we've expanded our technical assistance network to ensure that our specialised team is always available, from the north to the south of the country, to meet every need promptly. We want to better serve those further afield and ensure that every customer feels valued and properly supported, regardless of their location.

Preventive maintenance of FELINO equipment is essential to avoid unexpected and costly interruptions in the manufacturing process. By using original parts, we guarantee high-quality maintenance, which translates into equipment performance. We also develop customised solutions that adapt perfectly to the specifics of each operation, to extend the life of the equipment and maximise production efficiency. The specialised training we provide ensures that each manufacturer is better prepared to operate the machines safely and effectively.

To get closer to all our customers, we offer a technical service that meets the specific needs of each piece of equipment, whether it's a FELINO or any other manufacturer, we have solutions to make the repair effective and long-lasting.

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In addition, we are aware of the difficulties that can arise for those who operate further away from large urban centres. That's why we offer special conditions for those who are further away from us, facilitating access to the maintenance and support services that are crucial for the continuity and efficiency of production.

Don't let distance stand in the way of excellence. Get in touch with our team and find out how we can help you keep your equipment in optimum condition, with maintenance plans tailored to your needs and special conditions for all our customers, wherever they are.

For more information, contact our team directly via our services page STAF.

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