Fork Mixer Removable Bowl FELINO


80, 100 and 150kg capacity

Fork Mixer Removable Bowl FELINO


80, 10 and 150kg capacity

Versatility and tradition for bakeries and patisseries

Introducing the FELINO Fork Mixer with removable Bowl, a versatile and reliable solution that combines tradition and technology to improve production in your bakery or patisserie. Thanks to its cast iron structure, produced by the FELINO foundry, this kneader offers consistent resistance and performance, allowing you to create top quality artisan products. With capacity options ranging from 80 to 150kg of flour, this kneader is ideal for establishments of all sizes, from small products to large commercial operations.

FELINO Fork Mixer with removable bowl is designed to work with a wide range of doughs, maintaining the texture and artisanal flavour of each creation.

Explore all the features of this equipment and discover how it can be the key to your manufacturing success.

Key Features

Model FM80

Capacity: 80 kg / 225 l
Power: 4.5 kW
Net weight: 730kg
Height: 1560 mm

Model FM100

Capacity: 100 kg / 280 l
Power: 4.5 kW
Net weight: 745kg
Height: 1590 mm

Model FM150

Capacity: 150 kg / 420 l
Power: 5.5 kW
Net weight: 1010 kg
Height: 1710 mm

The FM Fork Mixer includes the following standard features:

  • Robust, quiet and efficient machine
  • Brake for regulating the bowl's rotation speed
  • High kneading efficiency;
  • Two fork rotation speeds for greater adaptability
  • Very little heating of the masses
  • High resistance paint
  •  Stainless steel fork protection grid, bowl and fork
  • Models with a mobile bin available, with capacities from 80kg to 150kg of flour

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Specifications and Technical Information

The FELINO FF range of fork mixers is available in capacities of 80, 100 or 150 kg.

Optional equipment and customisation

  • Timing of the kneading cycle with automatic change from 1st to 2nd fork speed.
  • Bowl lifter
  • Additional supplementary bowl

Available colours

  • Cream White


Available models

Felino Fork MIxers range is available with capacities of between 50 and 150kg of flour, allowing you to process from 2 to 240kg of dough.

FM08 Fork Mixer

  • Capacity 80kg of flour and production of up to 130kg of dough

FM10 Fork Mixer

  • Capacity 100kg of flour and production of up to 160kg of dough

FM15 Fork Mixer

  • 150kg flour capacity and production of up to 240kg of dough

Advantages of FELINO equipment

  • Integrated Foundry

Having a bakery machine manufacturer with its own foundry to produce your equipment guarantees strict quality control and greater efficiency in the production process. This results in equipment with superior performance, durability and reliability, and the ability to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers in the bakery and pastry sector.

  • Top quality stainless steel

FELINO uses 10 mm thick stainless steel from Germany to build its equipment. With their structure and basic parts made of solid cast stainless steel, our machines guarantee hygiene, durability and quality.

  • Excellence and Tradition since 1936

With a unique history on the market, the FELINO brand is synonymous with safety and experience for its customers. This longevity demonstrates the company's dedication to offering innovative and reliable solutions, while maintaining tradition and quality craftsmanship in every piece of equipment produced.

  • Quieter equipment

FELINO machines are designed with thicker bodies, which results in quieter operation. The efficient absorption of sound inside the equipment provides a more comfortable and pleasant working environment for bakery and pastry professionals, which contributes to productivity and well-being in the workplace.

  • ISO 9001:2015 certification

The ISO 9001 certification granted by Bureau Veritas ensures that the company follows international quality and management standards, which guarantees products and services of a high standard. This achievement demonstrates the company's commitment to meeting customer expectations and delivering reliable and efficient bakery and pastry solutions.

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