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Innovation, technology and service excellence.

Founded in 1936, FELINO is one of the oldest and most respected companies on the Iberian Peninsula, specialising in iron casting, machining technical parts and producing bakery and pastry machines for the food industry.

Based in Valongo, Portugal, FELINO has over 88 years' experience in supplying machinery and complete plants for bakeries and pastry shops, as well as providing subcontracting services in the metallurgical and metal-mechanical sector.

Origins and Growth

FELINO's history began with brothers Laurindo and José Maria Ferreira Lino, who realised a unique business opportunity when one of the brothers, who owned a bakery, had difficulties finding qualified labour. With the idea of manufacturing machines for the bakery industry, the company began as "Ferreira Lino & Irmão" and evolved from a small foundry to a machine manufacturer with a presence throughout the national market.


Expansion and Internationalisation

In the 1980s, FELINO expanded its operations, building a new plant to assemble and finish bakery and pastry machines. The company also expanded its foundry and began the process of internationalisation. With the need to create a brand for international markets, the name "Felino" emerged, a fusion of "Ferreira" and "Lino", with a logo that represents the agility and robustness of the products.

Today, FELINO has more than 100 employees divided between two industrial units: in Ermesinde, in an area of 15,000m2 where the machining processes are carried out; and in. Sobrado, a 30,000m2 plant opened in 1994 that houses the entire foundry operation, which together produces for more than 40 countries, where it exports technical parts, mainly to countries in the European Union, Switzerland and Norway. In the bakery machinery market, FELINO maintains a strong presence throughout Europe and also in the American, African and Asian markets, where it supplies a variety of equipment for the food sector, such as kneaders, mixers, laminators and other solutions to equip any production unit.


ECOFAB: Design and Innovation

In 2020 the ECOFAB with the aim of incorporating the knowledge and experience of industrial activity into a notoriously domestic market, to develop heating solutions made from cast iron. From the production process, which encompasses all the stages from conception and design to the final product, FELINO produces high-quality, high-performance pellet stoves and outdoor fireplaces for ECOFAB.


Two Areas of Expertise

A unique feature of FELINO is its ability to balance two distinct businesses. While one area of the company's business supplies machinery and equipment for use in bakeries and pastry shops, the other area is dedicated to casting and machining technical parts for various manufacturers and market segments.


Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

"Innovating to lead" - This motto reflects our relentless pursuit of innovation and leadership in our sector, guiding us in our mission to provide exceptional solutions to our customers and to contribute to a better world.

Throughout our history, FELINO has been recognised for designing quality machines, providing excellent services at competitive costs and respecting the environment. With the aim of continuing to be a benchmark in the sectors in which we operate, we are committed to excellence in our production and the development of technological innovations that enable us to offer the best solutions to our customers.

At FELINO we believe that experience and dedication to the principles of quality, innovation and sustainability are the foundations that position us for a successful future, where we will continue to be a reliable partner for our customers in Portugal and beyond.

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