Privacy Policy

Use of and access to the FELINO website is subject to current legislation and the following set of rules.
Its use therefore implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Users who enter their data in any form on the FELINO website freely and voluntarily authorise FELINO to incorporate this information into its database and to use it in accordance with the principles of its Usage Policy.

FELINO undertakes never to pass on the information collected to third parties. With the exception of any abusive use by third parties who have illegitimate access to it.

Users who voluntarily enter their details in any form on the FELINO website authorise FELINO to send them information considered to be of interest to them by any of the means available for this purpose (post, fax, telephone, e-mail, etc.).

FELINO guarantees all Users access to all files containing their data so that the information previously provided can be modified or deleted.

FELINO has its registered office in Ermesinde (Portugal), which means that any type of legal action brought against it must be brought before a court in this district and in accordance with Portuguese law, regardless of the User's place of access.

All rights to the documentation contained on the FELINO website are reserved. The use, reproduction, copying, total or partial re-distribution of this information, whatever the purpose and whatever the medium(s) used, is expressly prohibited without prior written authorisation from FELINO.

The copyright of the information and tools contained on the FELINO website is its property or is licensed for use. Under no circumstances does access to this information imply authorisation to reproduce and/or distribute it without the prior written consent of FELINO.

The data, information, texts, graphics or links are collected for information purposes only and FELINO is not responsible for their completeness, exhaustiveness or accuracy. FELINO accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any errors or discrepancies that may exist between the electronic version and the written version.

FELINO shall not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, arising from the use of the information contained on its website.
The information available on the FELINO website is completely free of charge to its Users and simply accessing it does not create any kind of commercial or professional relationship between Users and FELINO.

The links and hypertext that the FELINO website maintains and which allow the User to access the services of other organisations are not under the control of FELINO and it is therefore not responsible for the information provided or for any contractual relationship that may arise between the parties. Nor do they signify any sponsorship by FELINO.

The professional information available on the FELINO website is published with the sole aim of publicising its areas of intervention and methodologies, enabling users to gain a concrete understanding of its potential and the benefits it can bring to their company.

Under no circumstances may the information provided be considered or used as a substitute for professional technical advice. Therefore, before taking any decision or opting for any action, you should contact FELINO who will study your particular characteristics in detail.

FELINO reserves the right to change, at any time and without prior notice, the information contained on its website or its configuration and presentation.

FELINO does not assume, beyond good faith, any kind of commitment to update the information and services contained on its website.
Due to the open nature of the Internet, Users may send any type of information to FELINO whenever they wish. Under no circumstances should you send confidential, reserved or other information that is not your property. Information freely sent to FELINO may be used without prior notification of the author and in any way deemed appropriate.

Any brands and product names used on the FELINO website are the property, trade marks or registered trade marks of their respective companies.

Usage Policy

The purpose of FELINO's website is to make it easier to get to know the company, its core values and the services it provides.

The collection of personal data has become a common element in the strategies of companies on the Internet. For this reason, many Users are reluctant when they are asked for their personal or professional data without knowing for what purpose it is intended. To counteract this situation, FELINO has drawn up a "Usage Policy" which clarifies four essential issues for all users of its website:

How is the information collected?
What information is collected?
What is this information for?
What limits can the User set on this data collection?

FELINO requests little information from users of its website. In any case, it is exclusively for professional purposes. The information collected is basic: name, company, function, e-mail address, subject. However, simply visiting our site does not imply that any data is recorded. This only happens when the user wants to access specific areas of the site: subscribing to our newsletter, sending suggestions, etc.

As a User of our website you can send us personal information when:

a. Subscribe to any of our information services;
b. Expressing an intention to subscribe to any of the services available;
c. Communicate with our company and its employees;
d. Send suggestions.

All the information collected will be recorded in a database owned by FELINO and intended for its exclusive use. The User may, at any time, access their data, rectify it or delete it. Under no circumstances will FELINO transfer or sell the information collected to other organisations.

FELINO guarantees that the collection of information will always be done with the prior and free consent of the User. FELINO cannot, however, be held responsible for illegitimate access to this information.