Environmental Commitment

Sustainability for a Greener Future

Good sustainability practices should not just be a feature of FELINO products, but a company commitment to environmental responsibility. With more than 88 years of history, we believe that our strategic vision should include a long-term commitment to sustainability that benefits not only our company, but also the world in which we live.

One of the crucial initiatives that best represents our environmental commitment is the recycling of metal waste. This process has been the backbone of our operation. In 2022 alone, we acquired an impressive 1,138 tonnes of scrap metal. However, what is truly remarkable is that every gramme of this scrap was completely transformed into usable goods. We adopt a zero-waste philosophy, and ensure that every resource is utilised as efficiently as possible, as a result of our commitment to reducing waste and lowering environmental impact.


Long-Lasting Technical Components

A Counterpoint to Programmed Obsolescence

In an age where the lifespan of products is often shortened, we embrace a contrary philosophy and commit to durability as a fundamental pillar of our work. We believe that genuine quality is measured by the ability to stand the test of time and serve our customers for years to come. This philosophy is not only an integral part of our history, which spans more than eight decades, but also a reflection of our commitment to excellence and respect for the environment.

The equipment and technical parts manufactured by FELINO are meticulously designed and built to last. This is our commitment, to reject programmed obsolescence and contribute to building a future in which products become legacies for future generations. We believe that durability is the true measure of quality.


Energy Efficiency

Contribution to reducing energy consumption

At FELINO, energy efficiency is a core value. We are committed to creating technological components that are highly energy efficient. This approach results in a significant reduction in energy consumption during operation. By minimising energy waste and greenhouse gas emissions, we not only protect the environment, but also reduce manufacturing costs. This commitment to energy efficiency is testament to our desire to be a positive force for both our customers and the planet.


For a balanced and sustainable future

Our commitment to sustainability is not just a long-term vision, but a daily practice rooted in our philosophy. At FELINO, we are committed to constantly reducing the environmental impact of industrial production and our own ecological footprint. This commitment is an integral part of our mission as we continue to create high quality and efficient products.

We believe that technological progress and respect for the environment can coexist harmoniously. As we move forward, our legacy, which began in 1936, continues to guide us in the ongoing search for more sustainable solutions. We look to the future with determination and a responsibility to preserve and improve our world for generations to come.