Privacy Policy

The use and access of FELINO website is subject to the current legislation and to the norms below. Its use implies, therefore, the acceptance of these terms and conditions.
FELINO reserves the right to change, partially or entirely, the "Use Policy" of its website. Visit the website and its contents do not imply any contractual relationship between the User and FELINO.

  • All users who enter their data in any form of FELINO’s website authorizes FELINO to freely and voluntarily include the information in its database and its use in accordance with the principles of its Use Policy.
  • FELINO undertakes not to transfer to third parties the collected information. Exceptions are made to any misuse of third parties that have illegally accessed them.
  • All users who voluntarily enter their data in any form of FELINO website authorize FELINO to send information considered of interest by any mean available for this purpose (mail, fax, phone, e-mail, etc..).
  • FELINO ensures all users the access to all necessary files so the information provided can be modified or eliminated.
  • FELINO’s headquarters are in Ermesinde (Portugal), which assumes that any legal action must be made in this Judicial District Court and in accordance with the Portuguese law, regardless of the access place of the User.
  • All rights are reserved for all documentation on FELINO website. The use, reproduction, copy, re-distribution of all or part of this information is expressly forbidden whatever the purpose and the means used, without prior written consent of FELINO.
  • The copyright of the information and tools contained on FELINO website its property and benefits of usage license. The access to this information does not, in any case, implies the authorization to reproduce and / or distribute without FELINO prior written consent.
  • The data, information, text, graphics or links are collected for mere informational purposes and FELINO is not responsible for its integrity, exhaustion or accuracy. FELINO will not assume any liability for any errors and discrepancies that may exist between the electronic version and its written version.
  • FELINO will not be liable for any loss, direct or indirect, resulting from the use of the information in its website.
  • The information available on FELINO’s website is totally free for users and its access does not imply any business or professional relationship between the Users and FELINO.
  • Links and hypertext in FELINO’s website that allow the user to access services from other entities are not under FELINO’s control and therefore FELINO cannot be held responsible for the information provided as well as any contractual relationship that may arise between the parties. Nor does it imply any sponsorship from FELINO.
  • he professional information on FELINO’s website is available with the sole purpose of making its areas of intervention and methodologies known, providing the user an exact knowledge of the expected benefits for its company. In any case may the provided information be considered or used as a replacement for technical advice of professional nature. So before making any decision or take any action, you should contact FELINO so your special features may be taken into account.
  • FELINO reserves itself the right to change at any time and without notice, the information contained on its page or its configuration and presentation.
  • FELINO does not assume, beyond good faith, any commitment to update the information and services contained on this page.
  • Brands and product names that may be used on FELINO’s website are property, trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.

  • Use Policy

    FELINO’s website aims to promote the Company, its core values and services.

    The collection of personal data has become a common element in corporate strategies on the internet. Therefore, many users are reluctant when are asked their personal or business data without knowing the purpose for which they are intended. Thus, FELINO developed a "Use Policy" with the purpose of clarifying all users about four essential issues:

  • How the information is collected?
  • Which information is collected?
  • Which is this information?
  • Which limits can the user establish regarding this data collection?

  • FELINO asks little information to its website users. And it is intended exclusively for professional purposes. The collected information is simple: name, company, function, e-mail and subject. However, a simple visit to our website does not imply the registration of any given information. This only happens when the user is seeking access to specific areas of the page, newsletter subscription, suggestions, etc.

    As a User of our website you can send us personal information when:

    a. Subscribe any of our informational services;
    b. Express intention to subscribe any of the available services;
    c. Communicating with our company and its employees;
    d. Send suggestions;

    All collected information will be saved in a database which is owned by FELINO and intended for its exclusive use. The User may at any time, access his/her data, correct or eliminate them. In no event shall FELINO assign or sell the collected information to other entity. FELINO ensures that the collection of information will always be made with the prior and free consent of the user. FELINO cannot however be liable for illegitimate access to this information.