FELINO Bakery and Pastry Machines

Bakery and Pastry Machines

Discover a complete range of equipment adapted to your needs

Spiral Kneading Machine

Spiral kneading machine available with fixed or removable bowl.

Fork mixer

Fork mixers available with fixed or removable bowl.

Planetary Mixer

Planetary mixers available in basic or ergonomic models.

Discover the world's only cast stainless steel spiral kneading machine

FELINO RFi fixed bowl spiral kneading machine with integral hollow stainless steel frame is a robust and quiet machine with an ergonomic, rounded design.

This model is ready to work in any environment and guarantees the best performance without oxidation problems.

FELINO RMi kneading machine, FELINO, bakery machines, stainless steel machines
FELINO Dough Sheeter

Dough Sheeter

Consistency and versatility for your bakery or patisserie. Introducing the FELINO dough sheeter, an essential tool for producing high-quality dough in your bakery or pastry.

Automatic Winding Divider, FELINO Automatic Winding Divider

Rounder Divider

Synonymous with precision, they guarantee exact dividing and moulding for each piece of dough. Reel Dividers are made of cast iron to ensure robustness and longevity.

Tina FELINO lift

Bowl Lifter

Safety and precision. The FELINO Bowl Lift is the complete solution for lifting the bowl. It is the ideal complement to the FELINO range of spiral and fork mixers with mobile bowl.

Tina FELINO lift

Bread Mill

Efficiency and sustainability. Introducing the FELINO Bread Grater, a practical and robust solution for maximising the use of your bread and increasing the efficiency of your bakery. Speed and fine thickness of the final product guaranteed.

Creativity is part of the essence of all industries.

Welcome to a new era of bakery and pastry.

FELINO Colour Machines are exclusive and innovative.

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